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Sinar Beanpro Density Update


Sinar Technology are proud to announce an exciting update to our Sinar BeanPro 6070 coffee analyser.

We have spent many months testing green coffee samples from around the World to verify the bulk density readings on the Sinar BeanPro 6070 in line with the international standard ISO 6669

With the growing conversation around bulk density in green coffee particularly regarding quality, taste, and the impact of bulk density on the roast, it is an important step for Sinar coffee analysis.

We are currently the only manufacturer with a moisture and density analyser that relates directly to the ISO specification.

All Sinar BeanPro 6070 units are now supplied with this software upgrade making it the ideal tool for measuring moisture and bulk density in green & roast coffee beans

Older units can be easily upgraded as part of a unit service. Please complete a Service contact form or contact your local Sinar agent.

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