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“When it comes to roasting speciality coffee it is imperative to collect as much information prior to roasting the coffees. Knowing the moisture content and density, as well as the size of the varietals in question are a great addition to knowing the origin, altitude and process of the raw product I am about to roast. The Sinar BeanPro moisture and density meter has become a trusted tool pretty much soon as I noticed its accuracy. It is super easy to use and allows me to have a more complete picture of the green beans. As roasters we sit pretty much only one step away from the finished product. The Sinar technology equipment helps me with my responsibility as a roaster of specialty coffees to ensure I keep true to the product I am dealing with.”

“I have grown up with Sinar products they are easy to use and most importantly ruggedly reliable when you really need accuracy. Using Sinar moisture testers is simple, no grinding up or messing about, we have been using our Sinar tester for years, and its bang on each time.

If I have ever had to call Sinar, it’s nice to speak to a real person who really cares and is really knowledgeable about the tester I have and is above all helpful, dealing with highly stressed farmers must be difficult at the best of time”

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